“One cause of unemployment, employer ignore”:-

We have read so many causes of unemployment but what we have actually observed most is that there are so many people who are academically well qualified but practically untrained, inexperienced or fresher.

So what can be a resolution to this problem?

Look we are not expert but at least we can suggest that if a company can provide training to such kind of person (who are academically well qualified but practically untrained, inexperienced or fresher) instead of preferring the experienced one only, that will be somewhere beneficial for both (the company and the candidate) because there are a lot of people who have enough potential to do a job or work but just because of lack of experience, lack of training and skills they face rejection and the company deprived to get employees of Enough Potential.

We are not against to hire experienced person but give as much as opportunities you can give to fresher candidates, do it because there will be a time when an experienced employee get a favorable opportunity and leave your company. We all know that “we learn to do by doing” then give them chance to learn, earn and grow.

Why do people forget that “An experienced employee also a fresher person once” and if every company or organization want experience candidates only, then how the fresher person become an experienced one.

We have seen people who have “LEARNING ATTITUDE” and we think such kind of persons can learn any kind of work. We can understand that it will be a time consuming process to train someone but once the candidate will get learn company procedure and work, we don’t know how much a company can grow. Decide your training procedure but at least give them opportunity to learn and grow along with your company.

“Our point is, instead of focusing on only academic marks why don’t we train people for practical work”

I too have worked in a company for 4 years, everything was new for me initially but one thing I had i.e. learning attitude and still have, through which I worked extremely well in the entire 4 years. But sometimes to get more favorable opportunities you have to get out from where you are, which every experience person do.

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The Unfair Society

People love to eat dark chocolate, chocolate cake, love to wear black dress, love to ride in black car and so on but when it comes to dark skin color why they hesitate to accept that person to form a bond, which is usually happen in our country. I don’t understand why people so much obsessed with fair skin.

In India beauty is identified by fair skin no matter how the person is, how he/she speaks, respect and understand others. My question is Why don’t people understand that it’s a natural gift given by God? Some of Our god/goddess are also dark in complexion but people worship them and on the other hand they resist to accept the dark skin person. What a hypocrite society?

Does the beauty (fair skin as per the so called society) matters more then the ability of a person ? We have seen people who bullied by their schoolmates or they didn’t get that respect and attention which they deserve and just because of their dark skin. All this start from a family only because parents forget to teach their children that every individual is equal on this planet no matter how he/she looks like, every individual deserve to live respectfully with equal opportunity. Why the dark skin person have to compromise?

What we have seen In colleges/offices people look at the person how he/she looks then only they decide whether to date that person or not, also a dark complexion girl or boy can become someone’s friend but when it’s about dating a person so they start looking at fair complexion person. And if we talk about marriages in India (specially if a family is looking for a bride for their son): the first requirement of the family is (as per matrimony section in newspapers or sites) looking for a bride with fair skin, who is well educated, beautiful and decent. Means if a girl has all the qualities except the fair skin, she don’t deserve to get marry with that guy. Isn’t it?
And what if a girl don’t like the guy due to any kind of reason (Suppose he has not higher educated or is not equal to the education of that girl.) then her family start saying that look at yourself how’s you look like and when somebody accepting you, you are rejecting him.

Who decided that fair skin is a sign of beauty and dark skin is a sign of ugly?

“Soch badlo to kia logo ki Zindagi badlegi”

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“Importance of emotional support in relations”

Emotional support required in every relationship because it gives a sense of association with one another.

When someone gets emotional support that person ready to face off any situation, no matter how much critical circumstances are there in their personal or professional life.

Emotional support makes a person joyous not just from outward but from inward as well. They feel a sense of comfort in his/her life, they understand that yes somebody is always available there for them, no matter what are the circumstances and how the person is.

It also helps to boost up the self-confidence of a person if he/she gets emotional support. That person starts performing better in their life.

A mentally strong person is much better to comprehend aspects and circumstances, instead of the other who has an absence of emotional support by their family, parents and partner.

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“Tips to make sales part of the company easy and flexible”

Guys what I have seen (since when I completed my education) that there are plenty of sales jobs available in the market which is the significant part of the product and services of a company offer to the customer to grow their business and earn a profit, which is  fine.

But what I have observed that they pressurize their sales department (sales team, sales executive and sales manager) then they start to misguide to the customers about the product and services, starts mis-selling to the customer and this for what? just to complete their targets and save their jobs.

Why the companies don’t improve their after-sales services facilities, why customer chases the company post-purchase the products or consume the services. If the companies will be loyal and take care of their customers needs and wants, so the customer’s won’t go anywhere else even they will start doing mouth publicity to their friends, relative and colleagues about your product and services.

And when the after-sales services will be smoothly performing there won’t be any kind of pressure will be required to give on employees to sale and on customers to purchase or consume.

1) Understand customer needs and wants first.

2) Tell them how your product and services can fulfil their requirements.

Then you won’t have to pressurize the customers to purchase by misguide them and consume your product and services. The customer will proactively ask you that they want to purchase your product and services.

This will be going to help the customer as well as employees for the smooth functioning of the company.

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“Don’t just be alive, live as well”

Hello everyone,

Firstly i would like to tell you why i have chosen this topic to write a blog. Few days back i was reading a novel named “you wont be ashamed to die” and then i realized that most of us are just alive not living. We are just following the rat race and not doing what we want to do, we are not following our passion, our dreams and the things which we want. I have seen people who are just earning the money and don’t even spent on themselves as well as on their family. There is no fun, no enjoyment in their life and also not able to give the same to their family and what’s the use of that money which is not used when a person needs most.

I have seen parents who wants to control their children life as per their terms and conditions. why? its good to guide and provide direction to a child but that doesn’t mean you have all the rights to take their decisions. Let them learn to take their own decision first, let them do what they want to do in their life, support them don’t criticize because if you will criticize your child then after certain point of time he/she will start criticize himself/herself and starts losing their confidence to do anything. And if you will allow them living their life and fulfill their dreams.They will be more happy and will definitely perform their best in that particular field or profession.

This is the only life all we have, don’t waste it on the things you don’t like to do. Don’t waste it on following the same daily routine. Don’t live such a life which gives you just responsibilities (its good to be responsible person but don’t be burden under such responsibilities that you forget to live your life).Do something which makes you and your family happy because this is time which will bring a smile on your face when you grow old. Each and every stage of life will remind you whatever you have done in your entire life so instead of regretting later why don’t we do something which gives us a pleasant memories only.

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Neha Solanki

Live fullest ❤️